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8:00 AM Usher Instructions

Prior to service

Show up about 5-10 min. prior to service.  Hand out bulletins to people as they arrive.

Start of service

Sit in pew with Congregation. When necessary, give bulletins to latecomers.


Prior to offertory hymn, count number of people in Congregation.  Fill out attendance sheet, listing your name as head usher, and set aside. A supply of attendance sheets should be in the cabinet near the front door. At start of offertory hymn, bring communion wine, located on small table in vestibule, to altar. Celebrant or Chalice Bearer will take the wine and give you a collection plate. Close and lock the altar gate, and place kneeling cushion in front of gate. If you anticipate difficulties with the altar gate or cushion, please ask the Chalice Bearer in advance for help.  Pass collection plate to Congregation in pews. Near end of offertory hymn and start of doxology, place completed attendance sheet on top of collection plate, bring plate to altar, and give to Celebrant or Chalice Bearer. Walk back to pew.


After breaking of the bread, walk to front pew, and wait until Celebrant takes communion.  Then usher the Congregation to communion.  Usher(s) should be last in line for communion. After receiving communion, unlock and open the altar gate, and set kneeling cushion aside.


You can perform the steps in this paragraph either immediately after communion, or after the end of the service. Retrieve the collection plate, usually placed by the celebrant on the shelf on Gospel side of altar, and bring it to sacristy. Place attendance sheet on table in sacristy next to service log. Bring collection plate to Parish Administrator’s office and place collection in cloth bag in metal box located in lower right drawer of secretary’s desk. Bring empty collection plate back so sacristy and leave it there.

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