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St. Francis Memorial Garden


In 1962, St. Andrew's was one of the first congregations in the United States to open a Memorial Garden on its grounds for the burial of cremated remains. People of all faiths are welcome to have their loved ones interred in the garden.


The Garden was designed by a celebrated landscape architect, Nelva Weber, using a circular shape as a symbol of eternity. The bronze statue of St. Fransis was created for the garden in Rome by Ruth Hutton Ancker, a well known sculptor and parishioner.


At death, we "lay aside the burden of flesh" and our souls enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  In the Episcopal faith, if interment is requested, following cremation, the container of ashes are placed on a stand in front of the altar for the funeral service.  At the conclusion of the Prayer Book service, the family and friends convene in the Garden of St. Francis where the ashes are reverently placed into the ground as the committal service is read by the priest.


No headstones mar the beauty of the Garden which becomes a living place of memorial for the loved one.  A bronze name plate will be added to the plaque adorning the fieldstone exterior church wall, overlooking the garden.


The quiet beauty of the St. Francis Memorial Garden speaks of life and Life Everlasting, providing a place of joyful memory and thanksgiving.


To support end of life planning,  more information can be obtained from the church office at  908-464-4875 ext. 110, or

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