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Knitting for the Seamen's Church Institute



Hardworking men and women of the

maritime industry make huge sacrifices to

provide the world with a way of life to which it has become accustomed. Spending many months on board a vessel, away from family and friends, mariners face dangers and challenges unique to their round-the-clock profession.


Away from the support of their local communities, Seamen's Church Institute offers a warm welcome at seafarers’ centers on both coasts of the United States—one in the Port of New York and New Jersey and another in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.


As part of its round-the-clock ministry, SCI maintains a staff of professional chaplains with interfaith and cross-cultural backgrounds. Chaplains and volunteers assist thousands of mariners each year, offering a hand of friendship and pastoral care. The Christmas at Sea Knitting Group at St. Andrew's has supported this work for many years by handknitting items to provide warmth at sea and providing giftbags of toiletries and other neccessities.  Our volunteers make an annual trip to the Institute in Port Newark to deliver their donations. With financial support from the parish our "knitters" get their yarn and other supplies.


The mariners we serve are grateful for the hats and scarves we make in this very rewarding ministry.  It provides them with a caring touch of home when they are far away.  If you are interested in contributing financially or as a knitter, contact June deBang.


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