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St. John's Feed the Hungry

This is your opportunity to do God's work in the community!  God had Jesus to represent him on earth and  Jesus is our example of how to live a Godly life.  Taking that example, this mission allows us to go into the community to feed the hungry.  Feeding the hungry is also a wonderful vehicle for one to feel good about yourself by giving to others. 


We go to St. John's in Elizabeth on the second Sunday of every other month, January, March, May,  July, September, and November.  You can participate in this ministry in many ways.


1.  You can Cook a casserole, or chop lettuce, or bake cookies or brownies... without your food there would be no feeding the hungry!


2.  You can come to St. John's on the specific Sunday and help with the actual serving.  This is a wonderful way to expose youself or your family to the homeless or hungry, and encourage empathy. 


Please contact Cathy Egan for more information. 

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