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The Gardeners Of St. Andrew's (GOSA) are a group of parishioners with a love for gardening; and a love of St. Andrew's Church.​

We are not professsional gardeners, but we enjoy gardening and have a desire to maintain these lovely landscaped gardens and grounds surrounding St. Andrew's Church. Please join us in the church gardens !


The Gardeners of St. Andrew’s (GOSA) volunteer church gardening group was founded by Joyce Kern in May 2003, with an unofficial charter to assist dedicated St. Andrew’s gardener Chris Christopher with the maintenance and beautification of the lovely St. Andrew’s gardens and landscaped grounds.  Our volunteer gardening group celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in 2013, with a special celebration picnic on June 2.











































Gardeners Of St. Andrew's (GOSA)


The goals of GOSA are to promote the beautification of the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church gardens and to create a place of sanctuary, reflection and celebration for all ages. Our volunteer gardening tasks include the planting of flowers and shrubs, pruning various plantings, mulching, watering, gathering leaves in the fall, and light garden maintenance.


Under the direction of Co-Chairpersons Joyce Kern and Rick Anderson, a handful of interested parishioners had grown to almost a dozen members. In the past couple years we have lost garden volunteers to relocations or personal commitments; so we are at a point where on some scheduled garden work sessions, we only have 3 or 4 of us taking part. This limits what we, some of us seniors, are able to accomplish; which is frustrating at times. We definitely need assistance from parishioners, especially in the middle age segment, at these monthly work sessions.

We would also welcome a helping hand from members of our youth group, who may be seeking hours toward a community service project.


Please contact Rick Anderson,, (908)464-8911 or Joyce Kern,  with questions or additional information.


When do you garden ? 

GOSA has scheduled Work Oarties, the second Saturday of each month, April - December; from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Gardeners also also gather, from time ti time, on weekdays, depending on peoples schedules; to work on garden projects.

Do you have meetings ?

GOSA has meetings in March, May, June and October, to plan activities and projects; typically right after the 10 a.m. Sunday service.

How are your garden projects funded ?

GOSA conducts a once a year Fklower & Garden Fuuyndraiser event, the month of April. Durng this mionth, we publicize our fundraising with parishioners via our weekly church bulletins, parish newsletter and posters. Thanks to our generous and loyal parishioners, we have been graced with sufficient contributions to permit us to purchase all of the flowering plants, gardening materials and products needed to support our green thiumb ministry. We are very thankful for the support from our parishioners. We do not receive financial suport from the church.


Do you have garden tools and if so where are they stored?

GOSA has a closet, conveniently located just inside the rear Blue Door entry door; where we store some of our frequently used garden tools. Others are stored in the Carriage House garage. Most gardeners feel comfortable bringing their own personal gardening tools to use on campus.

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