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Buildings and Grounds


Our beautiful setting and unique facilities provide much of the personality of St. Andrew's:


  • The vibrant Pre-School and Kindergarten

  • The peaceful and beautiful gardens

  • The picturesque carriage house

  • The architecture of the home which provided the basis for the church

  • The well, Chinese bell and so much more


These features also require maintenance to insure their beauty. safety and utility.  The Buildings and Grounds committee is chaired by Jim Conover, who is ably assisted by Pat Barry.  With the support and guidance of the vestry, they fulfill these responsibilities through a combination of volunteer labor and contracted services.


The efforts are driven by the Facilities Assessment Report and emerging needs in our buildings and on our campus.  Expenses for projects that benefit the School and Church are shared following an established formula. 


Current Project Costs


Boiler Repair......$2,275.00

Parking Lot (includes Ethan Drive Exit and Kinder House Driveway)...$45,710.00

Parish Hall Floor (new tile and asbestos remediation).....$20,862.50


Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Device....$1,500.00

Tree Services (to remove damaged trees that pose a safety hazard)....$4,400.00




Worship at St. Andrew's...PRICELESS




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