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Class Grade Levels


Class Grade Levels are possible thanks to the continual support of volunteer teachers during the year.  Excellent curriculum is selected with leader’s guides and student books plus pages to take home and share with parents. This is important for a church and home connection for the religious education of a child.


Nursery. St. Andrew’s provides child care in our Noah’s Ark Nursery for babies through age two during the Sunday 10:00 a.m. service.  We have a student staff member who is supported by adult “on call” support people.


Early Grade Level.  Preschoolers have lots of energy, boundless curiosity.  The class lessons are designed to help your little ones learn more about God while feeling loved and secure.


Godly Play. Godly Play uses a story telling experience that brings sacred stories, parables and liturgical practices alive. It uses the Montessori Method of experiential learning.  The goals are to nurture children in their spiritual development, introduce the language of God and foster a desire of children to freely explore faith through their natural curiosity.


Middle Grade Level. We use the Cokesbury Bible based curriculum that invites children to discover God, themselves and one another.  The curriculum guides them to learn about faith with Bible stories! 


Older Grade Level. In addition to the “Grow Proclaim and Serve” curriculum  children also participate in enhanced class projects such as the creating and nurturing of our vegetable garden that feeds others.


Several special events and programs are utilized throughout the school year to enrich the learning experience of our children.  See additional links for more detail about these exciting times.

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