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Flower Guild


The Flower Guild is a small but very dedicated group who regularly arranges altar flowers for Sunday and special services. The flowers add beauty to the altar and are a welcoming sight as we enter our church.


Donations to the flower fund are always welcome - you can choose a date to celebrate or give thanks for a special person or occasion.  The Guild will do their best to use specific flowers that are meaningful to you.  Requests can be placed in the collection plate with your donation during Sunday services or contact a Guild member.


Guild members usually select seasonal flowers or those that they  enjoy arranging.  They collect flowers from florists, grocery stores or flower marts. They  may order them early in the week from a florist for a Friday or Saturday pickup.   We are also lucky to have several flowering trees and shrubs on our campus that can be used to supplement arrangments.

The time for arranging is flexible but is usually completed at the church on Friday or Saturday. 


If you're interested in participating in this minisrty but are feeling shy about your fower arranging skills, the current volunteers are willing to provide guidance and support.    The Flower Guild welcomes new ideas about the flower choices.  


They are in hiatus during the summer with artificial flowers on the altar until September.


Any interested person with the love of flower arranging is most welcome to join us!  For more information, contact Sara Jane Vignali or Denise Preston.

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