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Christian Formation for Youth


Film School


Film School is based on a program developed by Rev. Aran Walter, of St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Menasha, WI.  Each week youth in grades 6-12 will gather following Holy Communion to watch part of a movie.  This will be followed by a discussion of the story line and how it relates to the Bible.

Rev. Walter wrote, "Because we always look at life through some kind of filter, we invite students to practice seeing the world through the Kingdom of God filter.  Whether film or music or something else, once you strip away the Hollywood and have conversations about it, you're going to end up looking at what God is doing in the world and how we can direct our lives towards what God is doing."

Help Wanted

Each film is expected to run for about 4 Sunday's under the leadership of adult volunteers.  Sessions will run for 45 minutes following Holy Communion.  Talking points for each film will be provided to the leaders.  Tara Cavanagh has volunteered to lead our first movie discussion.


PLEASE consider participating as a Film School leader.  Speak with Fr. Daniel or Carolyn McGhee to learn more and to volunteer.



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