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Our programs and events held throughout the year from September to June have a purpose to help children learn about the love of God as a Christian and to learn about our faith both in and out of church.


Class Vegetable Garden. Children in Older Grade Levels have a class term project to grow a garden to help feed the hungry. They gather during class time to prepare and plant 4x8 ft. garden at the church. The vegetables are taken to be used at a food kitchen.


Sunday School Outreach Projects.  We participate in an international outreach project called Operation Christmas Child. Shoe box gifts go to children all over the world. In addition, we gather items for  Veteran’s Shoebox Gifts to help veterans in need.


Cambodia Missionary Outreach. Each year our gently used curriculum and school supplies are sent to help a missionary with Christian teaching to children and adults in Cambodia. They pray for us at St. Andrew’s Church.


Nature Program. The children help to beautify St. Andrew’s church. This program helps children sense the beauty of God’s creation by planting flowers.  They also learn how to serve others by helping the church.  Each child has the opportunity to plant flowers in outdoor containers.  


Early Communion Class.  We start with an introduction for parents and children about Holy Communion. There is a communion book for the children, lessons and instructions for participation at the altar. The class makes altar bread for the early communion service.


Stewardship Offering Envelopes.  Children learn how to be stewards and care for our church. They are given envelopes to use each Sunday for the collection plate to help others.


Community Christians. We use the Good Samaritan parable to teach how we should live our lives to love and help others. Then we show how today people try to follow and do what Jesus has taught us.    We call them “Community Christians”. 

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