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The Christmas Narrative


For over 40 years, the children of St. Andrew’s and the local community have participated in this popular annual event telling the Christmas Story.


Following the Gospel, as read by two narrators, the children act out the story in full costume.  It is held in the sanctuary at 4pm every Christmas Eve. The cast of children are supported by  youth assistants.  These teens use their prior experience in the Narrative to guide the young actors.  The highlight is the participation of a  local 4-H Club farm with 4-H leader, Pauline Kodack, who brings sheep or lambs for the Narrative each year.  The service includes Holy Eucharist.


Adult volunteers arrange the santuary furniture, provide refreshments for the reception following the Narrative, help maintain the costumes, and clean up so the sanctuary is ready for the later Christmas Eve services. 


The program is directed by Carolyn McGhee, who faithfully guides us on our Christmas Narrative journey to Bethlehem.  It is a wonder filled experience for children of all ages!

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